Plate Tectonics of the Original Division

The geology staff (all graduates of WhatsamattaU) at the KLazyS RR has studied the plate on which the Original Division is built and can now fully describe the massive shift from the useful (for railroading) horizontal position to its vertical position and back. This movement is diagrammed below. click here for animation

The movement of the plate, dropping in the front (right side of diagram) and raising in the back (left side of diagram) avoids a catoclismic encounter with the overhead obstruction (a prototype sized garage door). Very detailed studies have revealed that two garage door guide rail like structures constrain the movements of the Original Division plate to the motion shown above(underlying strata of 2x4's, 1x4's and 1/2 inch plywood) (how lucky for the KLazyS RR).

Rare photo of Original Division plate in its vertical position

Last Updated: 2001/11/08