Current Reality of KLazyS Railroad

The "aerial" photo below shows the current development of the KLazyS RR. Clearly some major "blasting" will be required to build the Connecting Division!

As you can see Phase -1 of the Original Division has a way to go to match the plans for the "Original Division", in fact the actual right-of-way as shown in this photograph doesn't even match the track plan that the Planning Office drew with CADRAIL. What you can't make out in this photo is the crazy way the KLazyS RR uses its motive power, on the right of the photo is a E6 Atlantic passenger steamer pulling a consist of gondolas! Almost visible on the middle right edge of the image is a simulation of the track separation that is planned for the "Connecting Division" (phase 1).

Below is a CADRAIL drawing of the current phase -1 "Original Division" (shown in the image above).

It doesn't take a real sharp eye to see that the outer mainline loop does not form a loop (how embarrassing)! But through the wonders of abusing sectional track and lots of screws you can see from the photo above a loop can be formed. Also note that an extra bumper has been added to the siding on the lower right of the plan, middle left of the photo, for testing some of the "new" M.O.W. cars (such as the #50 gang car seen below).

Our CEO watching the No. 50 Gang working

Finger Pointing Dept. Report

What with our inability to get on with the work of laying track to build a real (model) railroad (layout) one might ask "what's going on at the KLazyS RR?". Well besides the great Roster Scandal, the Planning Dept. has been planning a new railroad control center (let's hope they have learned how to measure components by now). But the real hold up at the KLazyS RR is the Real Estate Dept., they have failed to gain the needed Right-of-Way to realize our great plans. They aren't being ask to negotiate any tough deals for key pieces of land, all they have to do is clean a bunch of "junk" out of the garage.

Now to make matters worse a new repair shop got purchased right under the auditor's nose.

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last updated: 2001/11/08