Lionmaster UP Challenger 4-6-6-4

Locomotive overhang (on O-36)

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Comparison of Auxiliary (water) Tenders for the Lionmaster Challenger

MTH RailKing (yellow) Aux. Tender

Lionel Scale (black) Aux. Tender (TMCC)

You can clearly see that the semi-scale RailKing (yellow) tender is much smaller in height and length (in particular when compared to the Lionmaster tender).

I hope that even though the Lionel scale (1/48, black) tender stands taller than the locomotive and it's tender (~1/53 scale), I really hope that the black color will not highlight that difference in scale. But rather that it will provide a good transition from the semi-scale locomotive to a consist of scale rolling stock. (we'll see)

Alternate angled shot of the tender pairings (sorry for the poor quality)

MTH Semi-Scale (yellow)

Lionel Scale (black)

Last Modified: 2002-03-14