Adding the Option M1 (1999)

Under Passenger Seat Locking Drawer

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One of the features that the (1999) Option M1 Package contained the seemed desirable to add to our base model ML320 was the locking drawer under the front passenger seat. Luck would have it that another ML320 (Option M1 equipped) in our area had its locking drawer removed to make room for audio amplifiers. I made contact with that owner (through the M-Class Digest) and he agreed to sell it to me / get it out of his garage.

This page shows several images of the drawer and how it is affixed to the passenger seat. (Note: I installed the drawer, drawer top really, without removing the seat, which makes the job much harder that necessary).

All "information" contained on this page was gathered by direct observation of a single 1999 base model ML320, with manual seats. For all I know every other M-Class ever built is different.

The first images show the front, back/top and (covered) side of the drawer under the front passenger's seat.

View of locking drawer under passenger's seat, Closed

View of the back (from above, with seat forward) of lockable drawer  Seat  at maximum forward position

View of the side of the front passengers seat (before trim panel is removed)

The passenger's seat base trim panel was removed for all of the following images. To remove the panel 4 screws and the rear seat bolt (torx) must be removed, then the panel can be maneuvered out from under the upper seat edge.

View of the seat base (back side shown) trim panel with screws and bolt

The drawer just slides into and latches to the drawer top, this top is attached to the lower frame of the passenger seat by means of 4 screws. These screws are inserted from under the drawer top/cover (inside the drawer when closed). The image below shows the underside of the drawer cover/top (view from inside the drawer).

View of the underside of the locking drawer top

When viewed from the side, the tip of the screws securing the drawer top to the seat frame can be seen in the image below.

View of the side of the passenger's seat with the seat base trim removed

Note how symmetrical the seat frame stampings are! This can be clearly seen in the image of the rear of the seat frame. In fact were it not for the transfer case hump under the driver's seat the locking drawer could be attached under that seat. The frames of the two front seats are symmetric with respect to the vehicle center line.

view of the rear of the locking drawer top

Last update: 1999-12-22